Bentley Reveals New Continental GT3 Race Car


In November 2017, Bentley Motorsports revealed their contender that is being developed for the upcoming 2018 Motorsport season, the all-new Continental GT3 race car.

This second generation Continental GT3 inspired by the renowned Bentley Motorsport lineage, features a 4.5 Litre, Speed Six and Speed 8 winners of Le Man. The first-generation continental GT3 has defended its title as a winning endurance racer, after achieving 120 podiums and 45 win across 528 race across the globe.

Brian Gush, Bentley's Director of Motorsport, stated that: "After four years of success with our Continental GT3, we’re excited to reveal our second-generation car. The new car leaves no area or system untouched in the search for even better performance, and the early test results are promising. The new Continental GT road car has proved to be a great starting point for the development of a new racer, and the engineering development work is true to Bentley’s impeccable standards.”

The Second-Generation Continental GT3

This second generation Continental GT3 has been under-development by the Bentley Motorsport team located in Crewe, working together with their technical partner, M-Sport. Based off of the Continental GT road car, makes use of its predominately aluminium structure to transform it into a race-ready weight which entails reducing the weight dramatically so it is under 1300kg and to make sure what weight remains is even distributed amongst the chassis.

The engine is an evolution of the prestigious 4.0-Litre Bentley twin-turbo V8, an engine that has repeatedly proven it worth. It has been advanced by a redisgned dry sump system and all-new intake and exhaust systems, allowing it to achieve an unrestricted power of 550bhp.

To help battle aerodynamics, the surfaces used in the exterior have been made in a wind tunnel and are based around the original shape of what the GT3 was based on, the Continental GT. To further increase, the effectiveness of the muscular exterior panels aerodynamic devices have been attached to the panels to help obtain extra downforce. The GT3s braking systems and suspension has been redesigned and bespoke to the Continental GT3.

Bentley's new race car has already started its six-month test routine to ensure the GT3 can defend the legacy of its predecessor that won a championship. Testing is taking place in the UK, France and Portugal with upcoming development works featuring an entire 24 hour race endurance simulation.

Bentley's Motorsport 2018 Ambitions

Bentley Motorsport has also announced its ambitions for the 2018 motorsport season, after their most victorious year in 2017 where they won the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup. The team will use a duo of new Continental GT3 racers across Europe in the upcoming Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup, as well as competing in the Intercontinental GT Challenge.

This second-generation Continental GT3 will participate in its first race in the opening round of the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup in Monza.